I am travelling in Australia for a few days. I can be found in these locations:

  • I’m visiting the Kinghorn Cancer center in Sydney today, April 4th to learn more about the Big Data challenges faced in cancer research. Who knows, maybe we can help.
  • I’m visiting NICTA in Sydney on April 5th where I will give a talk on some recent work on systems for machine learning on Big Data.
  • From April 8th an 12th, I can be found in Brisbane, attending and presenting at ICDE 2013:
    • I’m co-presenting the tutorial on Machine Learning on Big Data. Slides will be posted here soon (after the the tutorial, let’s be realistic…)
    • I’m a panelist at the Data Management in the Cloud workshop. Which means that I get to argue in public.

Drop me an email if our locations intersect these two weeks and want to meet.