Ignacio Cano, Markus Weimer, Dhruv Mahajan, Carlo Curino and Giovanni Matteo Fumarola


In large organizations, data is “born” in data centers all around the world. Learning requires a global view of such data. This new class of geo-distributed machine learning (GDML) applications need to cope with: 1) scarce and expensive cross-data center bandwidth, and 2) growing privacy concerns that are pushing for stricter data sovereignty regulations.

In this paper, we formalize this problem, show that the current state-of-the-art lacks proper support for GDML applications, and propose an initial system and algorithm that perform training in a geo-distributed fashion. Our empirical evaluation confirms the general validity of our approach, but many research challenges remain open.

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An extended version of the paper is available on as arXiv:1603.09035


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