Markus Weimer, Tyson Condie and Raghu Ramakrishnan


ScalOps is a new internal domain-specific language (DSL) for Big Data analytics that targets machine learning and graph-based algorithms. It unifies the so-far distinct DAG processing as found in e.g. PIG and the iterative computation needs of machine learning in a single language and runtime. It exposes a declarative language that is reminiscent to Pig with iterative extensions: The scaloop block captures iteration and packages it in the execution plan so that it can be optimized for caching opportunities and handed off to the runtime. The Hyracks runtime directly supports these iterations as recursive queries, thereby avoiding the pitfalls of an outer driver loop. We highlight the expressiveness of ScalOps by presenting two example implementations: Batch Gradient Descent - a trivially parallel algorithm - and Pregel, a computational framework of its own. The resulting code is nearly a 1:1 translation of the target mathematical description.

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